Meditate under Waterfall on Mt. Takao in Tokyo

合計時間 : 2 hours

What To Expect

Mt. Takao is located within an hour of central Tokyo. Not only is the mountain a popular hiking destination thanks to its abundant nature, but it's also known for the rich spiritual energy pervading the area. Many people flock to the mountain to bask in the divine energy and to engage themselves in ascetic training. In "Michelin Guide", only and Mt. Fuji this Mt. Takao got 3 stars among Japan's mountain.

Takigyo is a form of ascetic training involving meditating under a waterfall. Since centuries and centuries ago, Japanese people have braved falling cold water in order to get rid of worldly desires and purify their body and mind. In this 2-hour session, you can experience this sacred practice of takigyo under the instruction of a Buddhist priest, while surrounded by the beautiful nature of Mt. Takao. Commune with nature, fully take in the spiritual energy filling the mountain, and immerse yourself into the wonderful world of Buddhism. By the time you step out of the water, you may have discovered a "brand new you."

I'm the head priest of a temple of Shingon Buddhism. Since I became a priest, I've been devoting myself to bringing peace to the world through praying. I want to make Buddhism more accessible so that people can learn its teachings and practices more casually. To achieve this, I regularly hold lectures and various experience sessions, including this waterfall meditation and training camps to help children develop stick-to-itiveness. Through this experience, I hope to provide you with an introduction to the fascinating world of Buddhism.

Additional Info

・There's a nice Onsen (hot spring) facility nearby, where you can take a bath after the meditation experience. (Tattoos are not allowed.)
・To take part in this activity, you must be physically fit enough to withstand the falling cold water. Please refrain from participating if you have known health issues, or feel unwell on the day of the activity.
・Going under the waterfall with an empty or full stomach should be avoided.
・The session may be cancelled due to bad weather.
・All children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
・Please make sure to always communicate through wasabijp. In order to protect your payment, never transfer money or communicate outside of the wasabijp website.
・If you feel unwell or are under the influence of alcohol at the time of arrival, you will not be able to join our experience.
・Please make sure to arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may not be able to join us, as the end time cannot be extended to make up for late arrivals.

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