Online Japanese traditional dance at home

合計時間 : 45 minutes

What To Expect

I'm a classical Japanese danceer, became a disciple of "Hanayagi" school of "Nihon buyo" at the age of five,

graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013, became a certified "Hanayagi" school instructor.

I won a prize in the Japanese dance category of the 70th National Dance Competition of Japan Organized by the Tokyo Shimbun.

Played "Geisha" roles in the movies “Lady Maiko” and “Joker Game”, appeared in NHK Historical Drama "Sanada Maru".

Let's try playing Japanese traditional dance.

Nihon Buyo or Nichibu is a traditional Japanese dance most famously performed by GEISHA.

In this 45 minutes experience, you can learn the graceful movements of Nihon buyo from a young talented Nichibu dancer in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Get immersed in the fascinating world of Nihon buyo.

Additional Info

・Please download Zoom ( to your laptop or smartphone.
・Check if you have a solid internet connection,listen with headphones or a good sound system.
・please join us on time! . we’ll closes after 5 minutes. Refunds are not guaranteed.

Request us for other slot, group service.

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