Online perfomance by snow monkey

合計時間 : 30 minutes

What To Expect

This is 30 minutes experience,

In ancient times, monkeys were deemed sacred. Like Kabuki, monkey performances were performed in public theaters as long as a thousand years ago. For many of the Japanese families today, watching Sarumawashi must be one of the happiest memories of their family outings.

Here is the World’s first live streaming monkey performance!
This will be a precious opportunity as there are not so many places that people can see the monkey performance even in Japan. Monkeys especially have a high grade of intelligence and excellent physical ability. You can fully enjoy a performance that you would never be able to see in any shows by humans or other animals. I’m sure that the excitement would surely make you lose track of time!
People who have seen our performances say that they feel it very strange that wild monkeys could do these kinds of performances.
I would be happy if you could feel the strong trust between humans and monkeys and understand the importance of respecting other species.
Basic program (Contents are subject to change depending on the situation.)
1. Greeting
2. Introduction
3. Performance
(1) Loophole
(2) Hassotobe (Leaping of the Eight Ships)
(3) Short Jokes
(4) High jump

Until I met my teacher, Taro Murasaki, at an animal care college, I thought that training animals was an act of abuse. However, I began to feel that there must be deep affection between the trainers and the monkeys and the eagerness to know about it forced me to become one of his disciples.
I had training for 7 years under the well-known trainers ‘Hansei-Saru Taro & Jiro’. I do ‘Sarumawashi’ (monkey performances) all over Japan, and also have begun performing in ’24 hour Television’.

my partner snow monkey was regarded as a harmful animal, a target for extermination. She came down from a mountain and was captured while raiding crops. We decided to take in the monkeys like her and teach them how to do performances in order to live with humans. We would appreciate it if you would understand that we are not capturing these monkeys in order to make them do the ‘Sarumawashi’ performances.

This performance is base on our good relationship.

In the future, we hope to build an animal theme park that can accept as many monkeys as possible. By performing on the Internet, we are hoping that many people can learn about ‘Sarumawashi’ and its background.
Many people in the audience tell us that she seems to understand everything I say. This is because we have been together all day and built mutual trust. Please enjoy our show!

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