Tokyo Online Tour All in One, With 10+ Top Sights!

合計時間 : 1.5 hours

What To Expect

Now, even if you can’t come to Tokyo, when you join this online tour, you can still feel like coming to Tokyo, visiting so many nice tourist spots, with over 150 pictures and video clips!

I will show you something difficult to find by yourself, even if you "can" come to Tokyo now.

Though visiting tourist spots in Tokyo, you may come to know Japanese people's daily life style, culture, history, beauty, table etiquette, and our way of thinking, mindset.

I hope this will be the best Tokyo online tour, Tokyo virtual tour, and the best Japan's cultural experience for you!

I hope this is good for cerebrating someone's special day, present for your family/friends, or social learning, team building.
In these cases, when you make the reservation please tell me, then I will prepare something special for you.

1. Excellent transportation
2. Japanese breakfast
3. Hachi, the most famous Japanese dog
4.Meiji Jingu, big forest is in city center
5. Lunch at Tsukiji fish market, full of seafood all though year
6. Akihabara, animation&video game city, pet cafes, and "Gacha"
7. Coffee break at a Japanese convenience store
8. Sensoji temple, the most popular tourist spot in Tokyo
9. Buddhist temple & Shinto shrine
10. Ramen restaurant
11. Sushi restaurant
12. Japanese table manner and the unique reason
(+Q&A session)
13. "Tip" and Japanese police
14. "Matrix" on the train

Additional Info

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・Check if you have a solid internet connection,listen with headphones or a good sound system
・please join us on time! . we’ll closes after 5 minutes. Refunds are not guaranteed

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