Tokyo Online Tour All in One, With 10+ Top Sights!

合計時間 : 1.5 hours

What To Expect

Now, even if you can’t travel abroad, when you join this online tour, you may still feel like coming to Tokyo, visiting so many nice tourist spots, with over 150 pictures and video clips!

I will show you something difficult to find by yourself, even if you "can" come to Tokyo now.

Though visiting tourist spots in Tokyo, you may come to know Japanese people's daily life style, culture, history, beauty, table etiquette, and our way of thinking, mindset.

I hope this program will be the best Tokyo online tour, Tokyo virtual tour, and Japan's cultural experience for you.

This experience is good for social learning, team building. I have hosted many teams from big global companies, NGO, accounting firms.

This experience is good for cerebrating someone's special day, present for your family/friends too.
In these cases, when you make the reservation please tell me, then I will prepare something special only for your group.

1. Excellent transportation
2. Japanese breakfast
3. Hachi, the most popular dog
4.Meiji Jingu, big forest in city center
5. Lunch at Tsukiji fish market
6. Akihabara, animation & video game city and pet cafes
7. Japanese convenience store
8. Sensoji temple, the most popular tourist spot in Tokyo
9. Japanese design
10. Ramen restaurant
11. Sushi restaurant
12. Japanese table manner and the background
(+Q&A session)
13. "Tip" in Japan

Additional Info

・Please download Zoom ( to your laptop or smartphone
・Check if you have a solid internet connection,listen with headphones or a good sound system
・please join us on time! . we’ll closes after 5 minutes. Refunds are not guaranteed

・The price is for 1 person (not for 1 screen)

・Please prepare something drink.

・It usually takes "about" 90 minutes for this experience
* If it's long for you, please tell me before reservation

・When the Zoom meeting system freeze, please wait about 3 minutes for recovering


Pietro, Ireland
We truly enjoyed the experience with Jun. We had been to Japan before and already knew quite a bit of the country, but it was an unique opportunity to learn and experience new things, or to have a more thorough angle of what he had already seen in Japan. It was really entertaining.

Sam, London
Very attentive tour guide who engaged all of the participants and was able to answer every question. Jun took us back 'virtually' to Tokyo and reminded us of a special trip we had several years ago.

Roland, Coburg
After our Japan trip was cancelled due to the pandemic I felt like we wouldn't have a chance to see Tokyo for many years. Juns virtual tour was a fantastic substitute for the real thing. Taking in a 10hour tour over video was a ton of fun and even getting to experience the busy train networks and delicious food virtually was a nice touch. Feel very close to Japan and can't wait to take the full tour in real life some day.

The trip to Tokio was amazing! Since our departure from our local airport, the landing in Tokio and the adventure of using public transport to arrive to our hotel, we realized that Jun was the right choice! He prepared every detail in our tour and he provided different insights of the life and culture in Tokio. Jun is super friendly, reliable and welcoming. It was a pleasure to take part of this experience. Totally recommended!!!

Jun is a fantastic tour guide! We learned so much about everyday life in Tokio, the people, the culture, the delicious (and so so healthy!) food and Japanese traditions. It actually felt like taking a trip to Japan and strolling through the streets of Tokio with stops at temples, a convenience store for some coffee and ramen, a mini pig café, the statue of Hachiko and many more places. Jun is so polite and makes you feel very welcome. Don't miss this chance to (virtually) travel to Tokio from wherever you are right now.

Maurits, Brussels
Such a great initiative by Jun to create a virtual alternative to his successful walking & running tours of Tokyo. The 90 minutes flew by and contained a lot of fun facts, anecdotes and interesting information even for those who have already visited Tokyo. Jun shows a real interest in his guests and makes sure to create a personalised experience. Moreover, he is always ready to answer questions. The virtual tour definitely reinforced our interest in re-visiting Japan again soon. Thanks, Jun!

Irina. Romania
Jun is a very friendly and thoughtful host and made the experience personal. I highly recommend this experience, it is informative, fun and gave us a better understanding of the Japanese culture. Great host and great experience!

Liz, Seattle
Jun has a cost-conscious approach to his touring -- the eating experiences he offered were all inexpensive and he shared what it's like to cooking at home. I valued his cuisine tips and the special nuances about where to set down chopsticks after a meal (it's not where you think!) He led us through a couple of important religious shrines and he had images to run us through the virtual approach to them. He paid solid attention to pop culture--I loved some of trinket tips he had. Did you know that you can rent a kimono at one of his tour stops? It's true! If you're wondering about the experience at arriving at the airport and public transportation, Jun's tour gives you perspective. Jun is a long-distance runner -- I'm a marathoner, so his self-introduction about his running circuit and training was particularly magical.

Geert, Växjö
Jun really knows Tokyo and he seems to have lived a varied life, which gave him insights into Japanese culture. He also tried to teach us some cultural bits and even though I have been to Tokyo twice and study the Japanese language, he taught me new things. He also personalized the experience, as I have been to Tokyo but the other guest hadn't yet.

Inma, Limerick
The experience was good. There were two main themes in the experience: * Places to visit, this was what I was originally expecting from the experience * Ordinary life of Japanese people with the food they eat, places they visit and how everyday life is over there. It is a great introduction if you are planning a trip to Japan and want to start learning more about the country and Tokyo. You will get ideas for places to visit and how things work and it is a great alternative to travelling right now. Thank you for the experience Jun and best wishes

Kimberley, Hertford
From the minute I booked the experience, Jun made us feel involved. I bought this as part of my husband’s birthday present and Jun personalised this experience for him so it was even more special. Jun’s knowledge of Tokyo is second-to-none as he usually runs face to face tours there. If we go to Tokyo, we will be sure to do a face to face tour with Jun! Highly recommended

Melinda, England
We looked forward to this 1 hour trip to Japan in the midst of lock down and were definitely not disappointed . It buoyed us up for the rest of the weekend as if we’d really travelled there ( minus jet lag & packing of course ! ) Jun led us through the streets of Tokyo with clarity , explanation, attention to detail , meaningful stories and above all a lust to go to Japan in future . When we can go travel for real , we’ll seek Jun out for the 10 hour tour ! Particularly looking forward to experiencing the beauty , diversity , colours and tastes of Tokyo which you have enticed us with today ! Gozamasu Mel & Dan ( London) 👘🍣🚅⛩🍱🍜🦉🐱🐷🐕🌏

Jo, Portsmouth
This was a lovely experience. Unable to currently travel I was looking for a way to connect with other people, and this was brilliant. It was clear that Jun has put a lot of work into creating this experience, and it is a great advert for Tokyo. I thought that subject matter throughout was really interesting, and I loved the personal touches and hints. It's really useful to understand other cultures, especially when you haven't visited there yet! Thank you for your hospitality Jun, hopefully one day I can visit Japan and have one of your longer guided tours in person.

Jess, New York
I booked this experience to surprise my gf since it was her birthday and she's always wanted to go to Japan, so this was the next best thing and Jun did not disappoint! Jun personalized this experience throughout and even made her a virtual birthday cake which was really sweet. He managed to make this 1 1/2 hour experience thoroughly entertaining the entire time, weaving in personal anecdotes, hilarious stories and really great advice for anyone interested in traveling to Tokyo. We never got bored and learned so much - highly recommend this experience!

Katherine, Los Angeles
The Tokyo online tour was a lovely experience! I had 6 of my friends join me and they told me they would do it again! Jun is a great host- he makes sure that everyone feels included and creates a more personal environment by checking in on each participant throughout the tour to see if they have any questions. He engaged with us when we reacted to the various tourist spots and information, too. It was helpful to learn more on the cultural etiquette and why things in Japan are done a certain way. I was supposed to go to Japan earlier this year, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19, and after this online tour, I have added more places to hopefully visit!

Mutlu, Amsterdam
It was a great experience to walk through the highlights of Tokyo with Jun and my family. He provides a lot of cultural details about why and how of things in Japan, which made me understand the culture much better. Even after visiting Japan for three times, Jun was still able to teach me more and details. So I am sure there will be a 4th time -most probably joining one of his tour programs. His stories are not something you can learn when walking on the street yourself, so this is a great way to start to learn about the Japanese culture and prepare for your actual trip or if you have been there and wondering why things are the way they are...Jun has answers for all your questions. @Jun-san, Arigato !!! Jā Mata!

Jennifer, Los Angeles
This is a great tour, creatively reimagined as an interactive online experience. I knew it was going to be different when we started the journey on our "flight" to Tokyo, "landed" at the airport, and "took" the subway to our hotel, where we "ate"our Japanese breakfast before heading out to see the sites. The tour was well-paced and we visited a variety of spots and neighborhoods, including Shinto and Buddhist temples cat/dog/pig cafes, Tsukiji fish market, and 7-11 with its many snack foods. What I really appreciated was how Jun spoke not only about the technicalities of the sites, but also Japanese culture and everyday life - for example, a visit to a restaurant was also a tutorial in Japanese table etiquette and manners. Now I finally know what to do with my chopsticks when I finish my ramen! We ended the tour as we began getting back on the subway to get to the airport for our flight home - that was a very entertaining subway trip! Thanks Jun-san, highly recommend your tour.

Collin, Utah County
Jun gave us an awesome tour of Tokyo. The format he uses is super fun, it's like he was guiding you through an action-packed and informative day in Tokyo. He walks you through what you will see at each stop along the tour, the history or cultural importance of the place, and shares fun or interesting facts about the stops. My favorite part of the tour was Jun explaining the cultural significance of the interesting and beautiful places on his tour. When I visit Tokyo in the future, I will make sure to take the actual tour with Jun, even though I feel like I have taken it. Thank you Jun for a great experience!

Lauren, California
Jun-san was very well prepared and offered a lot of insight towards what to do and where to go in Tokyo. He has a great personality and sense of humor too! We did this experience as a family for my dad's birthday, and Jun-san thoughtfully personalized the presentation to celebrate that. He welcomed questions at anytime and did a great job switching between his presentation and showing us unique videos related to our questions. I'd recommend this experience to anyone looking to get an idea of all there is to do in Tokyo and to better understand Japanese customs. I'd love to meet with Jun-san in person once it's safe to travel again!

Hannah, Vermont
Jun was an excellent host & tour guide. It was a birthday present for my dad's 58th birthday and it was a great way to experience and learn about a new culture from the comfort of our own home. Jun was very accommodating and made us feel comfortable to ask questions at any point of the tour. He had great stories and explained things in an easy way to understand and I felt like I learned so much about Japanese culture in a limited amount of time. I've always wanted to travel to Japan and haven't had the chance to yet but if this tour did anything it made me want to travel there even more. I hope to one day have a tour in person with him. Thank you so much Jun!

Janice, Maryland
We really weren't sure what to expect, but we enjoyed the experience and being stuck at home, it was nice to do something different and learn/see some new things. Jun was very engaging and personable, very knowledgeable, and although we weren't actually going to the places, he tried to make it feel like a journey, gave us context for how far/close each place was to each other, made it interactive and remembered all of our names. We really enjoyed seeing some of what various elements of life in Tokyo is like, and learning about some of the culture and gaining context for why certain things are done that way. It was very late in our time zone, but he kept us awake!

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