Tokyo in One Day! See 15+ Top Sights!

合計時間 : 10hours

What To Expect

Tokyo is a vast city with plenty of exciting places to visit so much, so that you might feel a little overwhelmed at first. In that case, this fun-packed one-day tour is the way to go! During this tour, you'll visit over 15 must-see tourist spots, accompanied by a dedicated local guide. Marvel at the full view of Tokyo from a skyscraper, walk around bustling streets of Harajuku and Akihabara, and let's not forget awesome food and drinks at a sushi restaurant. Since you'll be moving around the city by metro and on foot during this tour, you get to know your way around the city quickly, making it a go-to first-day tour. This is also a great way to learn about Japan in depth, as the knowledgeable guide will give you a wealth of insights into Japanese society, culture, history, lifestyle, etiquette, way of thinking and much more.

The following is an itinerary example. Please keep in mind that these tour stops are subject to change under certain circumstances, such as traffic accidents and facility maintenance.
1) Japanese style seven-eleven
2) Meiji Shrine
3) Harajuku fashion street
4) Shibuya "Hachi" dog statue
5) Shibuya scramble crossing

6) Tsukiji Honganji temple
7) Tsukiji traditional fish market
8) Lunch@Sushi Restaurant
9) The imperial Palace (walk outside)
10) Marunouchi(center of economy)
11) Tokyo station

12) Akihabara (Japanese subculture's street)
13) Ueno park
14) Ameyoko Street
15) Asakusa Sensoji temple
16) Asakusa Shrine

We will visit each place by metro, and take a walk each area!

I recommend you join this on your 1st day in Tokyo. Then you may understand very well about Tokyo.
This tour may be most effective and efficient sightseeing one, "1 day city hiking journey", may be "the longest experience" in Tokyo!

Through this experiences, you may learn Japanese & Tokyo's society, custom, culture, history, beauty, life style, etiquette, table manner, background, and way of thinking.

Additional Info

・All children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
・Please make sure to always communicate through wasabijp. In order to protect your payment, never transfer money or communicate outside of the wasabijp website.
・If you feel unwell or are under the influence of alcohol at the time of arrival, you will not be able to join our experience.
・Please make sure to arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may not be able to join us, as the end time cannot be extended to make up for late arrivals.
・If you have any food allergies, please let us know in advance.
・Please wear shoes comfortable for long hours of walking.


★★★★★ Marny
The breadth of this experience was so great, it will be a challenge to summarize! First, where I’m coming from: I signed up as a solo traveler, first time to Tokyo. I’m intrigued by Japanese culture and hadn’t done mush research on a “must-see” list before arriving. I only had a few days, so the opportunity to see “top-10+” combined with the walking and using the transit (trains) system, along with the positive reviews helped me to decide to sign up. My expectations were exceeded, not just because of the ground we covered, but all the detail and attention that Jun put into the experience and his care for the group along the way. I won’t spend time listing the places we saw, you can read that in Jun’s description. It was a city-wide tour that was a well -choreographed variation as far as quiet, peaceful places, bustling streets and neighborhoods, as well as thoughtful explanations of local history, daily life and customs. (Bonus: along the way I picked up helpful info about how to use the trains, which came in handy for the rest of my trip) Jun’s passion for expressing his knowledge of his home to visitors was apparent and appreciated (his English is great, which was helpful for me). All along the way, our host was attentive to our small, international group of tourists. If someone was interested in staying a bit longer at a site or had additional questions, he was happy to oblige. Along the way he took group photos which he provided to us after the tour. Those who were able to joined him for “Japanese tapas” after the end of the official tour (which he invited us to do at the very beginning of the day). An example of his thoughtfulness was when I asked him where the bathroom was after lunch: he could have easily let me know it was the door on the left and I would have been fine with that. Instead he accompanied me to the two doors and described the lettering on the door meaning ‘women’ so that I would know which to use in my future pit stops (not every door has a gender silhouette or English). Top it off with incredible weather, and a really cool group of people. A great adventure, an incredible value for the cash. Be prepared for lots of walking (you can rest while riding the trains!), and come with your curiosity and questions. Best value tour I’ve experienced, made possible by Jun’s dedication to his guests and his obvious love of his city. Do this tour!!

★★★★★ Nicholas
On my first full day in Tokyo, I signed up for this experience with Jun-San. Make no mistake about it, this is a very active tour (walked 10+ miles over about 12 hours). I was blown away by the amount which we were able to see and by the cultural education which Jun-San shared. I was particularly enlightened to learn about the proper traditions for entry and prayer at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. There were several opportunities to “customize” the tour with a bit of shopping or exploring at the points of interest. I enjoyed perusing in Akihabara and walking through Ginza (the stationary store, SONY, and Nissan showrooms!). When we took breaks for meals, they were very enjoyable and wonderful cultural experiences. I enjoyed the sushi which Jun recommended, as well as the brown sugar bubble tea and Takoyaki throughout the tour. I strongly recommend this experience to anyone passing through Tokyo and encourage you to take advantage of Jim’s expertise to have a fun and authentic experience!

★★★★★ Vincent
This experience was a perfect one for the beginning our of holiday in Japan. We typically like to start off with a local guide when traveling to a new city as you can learn some local tips and things like taking the metro to build confidence for the rest of your trip. Jun far exceeded my expectations. He was super knowledgeable and provided us with great insight to Japanese culture. We were able to see so many things that we would have merely walked by without acknowledging. You will get your steps in for sure but the downtime for lunch and dinner helped balance the day. Highly recommend this experience!

★★★★★ Michael
I cannot speak highly enough of the tour of Tokyo that Jun provided yesterday. My family and I have done other tours with local guides in other major cities in Europe and the USA and Jun is by far the best guide we have had. He showed us the real Tokyo and was extremely knowledgeable about Japanese history and culture. We had such an enjoyable day and will be recommending this tour to all of our family and friends who are planning on coming to Tokyo. The information Jun provided prior to the tour was very detailed so that we knew exactly what we would be doing, where to meet, the cost for meals etc. Thanks Jun it was amazing!!!

★★★★★ Hector
One warning: prepare to walk a lot. Now that aside, this could not have been a better experience. Jun greets everyone with warmth and caring upon meeting. When you’re a stranger visiting a foreign land, this kind of interaction is incredibly valuable. As he walks you through the city, he explains things from his perspective as a native explaining the culture, history, value of more places in one day... then I would have seen in a week. I am incredibly grateful to Jun for doing this. It was amazing. Thank you and if someone is thinking about doing this, I recommend it with no hesitation. Just be prepared to walk. Otherwise, it was like being led by a good friend who knows the city very well and your request was “hey, can you show me everything in one day? Is that possible?”

★★★★★ Benjamin
Jun and his experience was really amazing! We saw all the important attractions of Tokyo with a lot of background informations. That is the perfect experience for a good overview of the town. Besides we had a great lunch in a sushi restaurant and a very good dinner in a hidden Izakaya without any tourists. Jun explained and show us the typically food, witch was really delicious. Great recommendation for all who want see Tokyo in one day with good food, nice people and a lot of fun. And after the tour we stayed in touch with Jun for any questions about the city.

★★★★★ Jorge
Fantastic overall experience. It exceeded our expectations regarding the number of places we saw and the knowledge and insightfulness that Jun demonstrated. He loves Tokyo and it shows. Every step of the day was carefully planned. Meal recommendations were outstanding as well. Great way to see so much of Tokyo in one day. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ Sybil
I highly recommend taking this extra long tour with Jun. There is no way I could have covered this much ground with this much insight in 9 hours only. Do this on your first day, to get a feel of each neighborhood so that you can go back to the ones that are most interesting to you in the following days. Jun is friendly, and very passionate about his city. You can tell he put a lot of thought process in the itinerary. The dinner was the highlight of the day. Jun is a wonderful host, and you will really connect with him.

★★★★★ Ginny
Hands down this tour is the best way to see all the major sites in Tokyo. We did this on our first full day in the city, and we were blown away by how much ground we covered. Jun is extremely warm and such a terrific guide. He expertly navigated our group on the subway, through crowded streets, and to places we were unlikely to see or fully appreciate without a guide. He brought our group to a stellar sushi restaurant where he explained the Japanese culture and traditions around ordering, eating, and completing a meal. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes, you will see more of the city than you ever thought possible in a day.

★★★★★ Rochele
I would recommend this as a first day in Tokyo for anyone who is hearty and isn’t afraid of a long day with lots of walking. It was wonderful. We saw so much and shared two special meals with our host. It seems like a rare gift to have such personalized hospitality, kindness and expertise Japanese history and culture.

★★★★★ Hillary
If you do only one experience in Tokyo, this is the one to do! Jun took us to historic sites, hip modern neighborhoods, and everything in between. It's a long tour, but if I had tried to visit all of those locations on my own it would've easily taken multiple days. This is a great experience to do on your first full day in Tokyo, because Jun very kindly shows how the subway system works (something I was intimidated by) and shows you maps of where you are at any given time during the tour. He provided interesting historical facts about the locations we visited, which added so much color to all of the amazing things we saw. Be warned - you will be walking a LOT, so wear comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. But it's well worth it!

★★★★★ Niels
My wife and I joined this tour on the first full day we had in Japan/Tokyo, which was a perfect start on the vacation. We covered a lot of great sights/neighbourhoods in Tokyo, and Jun was really good at telling about the different things we went to see. But just as important, he shared a lot of insights into Japanese culture and customs - e.g. when we went for both lunch and dinner, we learned about good Japanese behaviour, while also understanding more about the various food items etc. All in all this is a really great full day to explore Tokyo, and learn a lot about Japanese culture at the same time, which I'm sure we will benefit from during the rest of our vacation. We can highly recommend this tour, and Jun is a great host/guide and an excellent ambassador for his country.

★★★★★ Carrie
Fantastic tour! Great way to get an overview of this vibrant city if you only have a short time in Tokyo. Just be ready for a really long day. We were exhausted by the end but satisfied. Jun really packs it in but also made it a memorable experience.

★★★★★ Veronica
This was a great tour of this amazing city! My sister and I only had an idea of what we wanted to do. Jun's tour gave us the chance to decide on places that we would like to spend more time at. Dinner was great! He took us to where he usually goes so it was a nice personal touch.

★★★★★ Oscar
Muy buen anfitrión, conoce muy bien las historias de cada lugar, la comida, muy enriquecedor el tour. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

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