Online Japanese Archery Experience

合計時間 : 45 minuties

What To Expect

Japanese archery(KYUDO) is historically used for battle, politics, education, or Buddhism.

Though this online 45 minutes class, I would like to show you the charm of Japanese archery with some interesting video clips, and with my LIVE shooting a bow at my room.

Then, I can instruct you some hidden points of Japanese archery.
Even if you can come to Tokyo and join my archery class now, I cannot instruct you some of these points on the site, at the archery court.

In this online program, for example, I can show you some of very interesting KYUDO festivals and their back ground.
And KYUDO is composed with "8 motions". I can show you each motion amusingly with video clips.

Plus, I need to tell something about the close relationship between ZAZEN, spiritual points and Japanese archery.

I prepared some Quiz about Archery, and at each end of topic, we have Q&A session, then I hope you don't hesitate to have mutual communication.

The following topics are for this online experience.

2. Real demonstration of KYUDO (at home)
3. Japanese archery for modern generation: Animation, Video game
4. 8 necessary motions of KYUDO
5. The most lively KYUDO festival: 2000 players join join in Kyoto
6. The most difficult KYUDO, ride running hose with 40km/h, and hit the target
7. At a Buddhist Temple, KYUDO and ZAZEN
8. For the guests who would like to start KYUDO
9. Q&A

Additional Info

・Please download Zoom ( to your laptop or smartphone.
・Check if you have a solid internet connection,listen with headphones or a good sound system.
・please join us on time! . we’ll closes after 5 minutes.Refunds are not guaranteed.
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Igor, Russia
It was a nice and clear overview of the world of Kyudo, Japanese archery. He is a prof in this martial art and knows all the things.

Anna, Australia
Sensei did such a fantastic job at sparking intrigue on the subject matter that I spent the evening watching YouTube videos to get a comprehensive English explanation! Well done sensei, you were fantastic!!!!

Annika, Germany
Sehr interessante Home Experience!
Ich wurde positiv überrascht von all den Informationen und den Varianten von Kyudo. Vorallem die Live Demonstration im Haus war beeindruckend. Hier wurde das Wesen von Kyudo deutlich. Durch die Bilder, Filme und durch die Erklärungen habe ich viel gelernt. Ich bekam meine Fragen alle sehr geduldig und ausführlich beantwortet. Vielen lieben Dank!
Ein wahrer Fachmann, bei dem die Liebe und die Motivation für diesen Sport deutlich erkennbar ist!

Miriam, UK
This was a birthday gift experience for my wife who is into archery. She enjoyed the session and found him to be very knowledgeable, passionate and engaging. Would definitely recommend.

Hannah, UK
This was a really unique and insightful session. He was very kind, patient and overall a great teacher. I left the class with a world of knowledge about the practicalities of Kyudo, as well as the meaning behind the different aspects of the practice - even down to the sound of the bow!
This was a really profound look into aspects of japanese culture that you would struggle to find elsewhere.

Vladimir, NY
The experience was informative and beyond the explanation of the practice, I got a sense for other aspects of Kyudo. As an archery practitioner, it was a real treat

Joseph, Georgia
I had a great one to one experience learning zazen during this session. I have done Zen for four years, but this was a whole new perspective and I learned a lot and had fun with him.

Hillary, Maryland
This was a really special class and experience. The class teaches you about how mentally strong people can get through the toughest times. I think now more than ever we need to be mentally strong and the class helped me start that journey. HE is friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. I learned a lot about Japanese culture/history and connecting the body with the mind.

Angela, Oregon
HE was very knowledgeable on the topics of Samurai, Japanese History, and Zen meditation. This experience was a great primer and I will incorporate some of these new skills into my regular meditation practice.

Lucy, Oregon
I was introduced to samurai martial art practices. He demo’d his practice and in preparation, showed us zazen postures and how to gain more fluidity in movement. I learned great useful tips to start a zazen practice.

Pelin, Boston
It was a unique experience. As a martial arts and meditation lover i learned a lot from him. I hope i have a chance to travel to Japan one day and meet him personally.

Chiraag, Canada
Got an authentic experience of virtually meeting a Japanese Samurai. He is very personable and friendly. Though English is not his first language, he tries to make every effort to make the experience as interesting as he can.

Rosemary, Canada
This was a really great experience. We really appreciated how in depth he went into explaining the importance of posture and shoulder positioning. We left the experience with actionable tips to apply in our future meditative practice. He did an excellent job of demonstrating everything and had slides to help support understanding when he was going over the background information and theory.

Matias, NY
This was a fantastic experience. He really reaches you how to go zazen :)
His explanation and exercises helps a lot. We were very happy to learn from him and we totally recommend this experience to others.
Thank you!

Caroline, NewYork
This was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot about archery.

Alexandra, Romania
I learned a lot of new things about kyudo and really enjoyed the format of the class. Very interesting and fun, I liked how him explained kyudo from different perspectives. He was very kind, friendly and answered all my questions. It was such a great experience and I didn't even realize when the time passed so fast. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and passion for kyudo,See you next time! :)

Dianna, canada
It was fascinating to learn about Japanese Archery. I think it would be most interesting for people who already have an in archery. Our host was very friendly and knowledgeable (though my 9 year old had a bit of a struggle to understand him sometimes due to his accent). I thought it was neat how we got to see him shoot as well as seeing a variety of videos about the different forms of the sport and how it's finding its way to mainstream media. It was also interesting to learn the differences between western archery and Japanese archery. Very enjoyable experience!

Kristian, Bradford
What a wonderful experience! My son absolutely loved this. There was no language barrier and lots of opportunities for questions! Would recommend

Vlad, New york
The experience was informative and beyond the explanation of the practice, I got a sense for other aspects of Kyudo. As an archery practitioner, it was a real treat

Kelly, North Carolina
Amazing experience! I loved learning about the great art of kyudo. Thank you!

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