Online Performance by Super acrobat unit

合計時間 : 45 minutes

What To Expect

A super acrobatics unit made up of a pair who are active on numerous stages.
The only female performer in the world who specializes in balance beam acrobatics at high altitudes,Was a gymnastics elite, start at 8 years old, participated in the All Japan Individual General Championship five times in a row from 15 years old. Good at twisting three times on the floor, with exceptional jumping power, balance, and mentality.
Also active as a comedian, appeared in THE W performed only by Japanese female entertainers and won the quarterfinals, has a lot of fans in her multiplayer.
with tough body and an extraordinary sense of balance is a masterpiece. Specializing in one-handed inversion at high altitudes, he also shows great skills such as standing upright with stacked rolling balance and jumping with long rope standing upside down.

This is a 45 minutes online experiecn.
A team of top-level athletes who have been active in gymnastics and all-Japan championships with Takuya Kawahara, who has been a top-ranked specialist, has won many performance tournaments around the world, and is also a member of Cirque du Soleil. Limit acrobatics performance. Mainly two original main performances, Balancing of Death, an inverted technique on a stick at a height of 7 m, Ultimate Balance Beam, a very dangerous width 10 cm, a somersault on a special balance beam of 3 m in height, Roller・ A full course of numerous acrobatics such as bolas, tumbling, and group skills, and the extreme performance will overwhelm and impress the audience. Please take a look at the ultimate acrobatics that combines "power" and "balance"!
We’ll doing acrobatics, wear ninja and yukata costumes.

Introducing ourselves and doing mini-performances that each one is good at so as to enhance the excitement of the audience. We will ask the you to give a Go sign at the time of the performance, and we will show the exciting performance accordingly.

We’ll set head cam from high place, you can enjoy through our cam.Demonstrate various acrobatics on the balance beam about 2 meters above. Finally, challenge the ultimate acrobatics 3 meters above.We will stack the rods gradually and show a high performance. At the end, you will experience the height of 7 meters.

Additional Info

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