Online SAMURAI Style ZEN Meditation & YOGA

合計時間 : 45 minutes

What To Expect

I have been very popular host for Kyudo (Japanese traditional Archery).

I have engaged in Kyudo since I was high school student, and I have gotten the title of master after long training.

In the past, honestly I have experienced many problems in Kyudo.
For making better performance in Kyudo, I have learned ZA-ZEN(sitting quiet Zen meditation).
Why? Japanese archery is called, "standing ZEN meditation.
ZA-ZEN and Japanese archery have so many common points.

And for dealing ZA-ZEN better, I have learned YOGA.

Then now, I am not only coaching skillful Kyudo players,
but also I am sports trainer for variety types of sports persons,
for example, marathon runners, baseball players, martial artists.

I especially focus on "Body Position", and I can explain very logically how to move body.

If you have stress now, or if would like to relax, change air,
or if you are interested in Japanese tradition, or martial arts,
Let's practice together Za-Zen (sitting quiet Zen meditation).).

I can teach you very practical Za-Zen meditation.
I am a master of KYUDO (Japanese traditional archery) .

For making better performance in Kyudo, I have learned ZA-ZEN(sitting quiet Zen meditation).
Japanese archery is called, "standing ZEN meditation".
ZA-ZEN and Japanese archery have so many common points.

And let's practice together YOGA.
For dealing ZA-ZEN better, I recommend to learned YOGA for warming up.

I mean, in this experience, you can learn something YOGA, then you can deal with ZA-ZEN effectively, deeply.
And you can learn ZA-ZEN, and even after my experience, when you try ZA-ZEN, you can feel relax, and you can concentrate on something, for example, business, sport, and you may get better performance!

*note: This is usually about 45 minutes experience

Additional Info

・Please download Zoom ( to your laptop or smartphone.
・Check if you have a solid internet connection,listen with headphones or a good sound system.
・please join us on time! . we’ll closes after 5 minutes.Refunds are not guaranteed.
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Jenny, Xiamen
He is an expert. He is patient and knowledgeable. I like this experience!

Joseph, Atlanta
I had a great one to one experience learning zazen during this session. I have done Zen for four years, but this was a whole new perspective and I learned a lot and had fun with Jun.

Hillary, Maryland
This was a really special class and experience. The class teaches you about how mentally strong people can get through the toughest times. I think now more than ever we need to be mentally strong and the class helped me start that journey. Jun is friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. I learned a lot about Japanese culture/history and connecting the body with the mind.

Tomoyo, Toyama
Thank you so much. I had a great time with you. I hope to see you at some point.

Angela, Oregon
He was very knowledgeable on the topics of Samurai, Japanese History, and Zen meditation. This experience was a great primer and I will incorporate some of these new skills into my regular meditation practice.

Lucy, Oregon
I was introduced to samurai martial art practices. He demo’d his practice and in preparation, showed us zazen postures and how to gain more fluidity in movement. I learned great useful tips to start a zazen practice.

Pelin, Boston
It was a unique experience. As a martial arts and meditation lover i learned a lot from Jun. I hope i have a chance to travel to Japan one day and meet him personally.

Chiraag, Whitby
Got an authentic experience of virtually meeting a Japanese Samurai. Daichi is very personable and friendly. Though English is not his first language, he tries to make every effort to make the experience as interesting as he can.

Rosemary, Calgary,
This was a really great experience. We really appreciated how in depth he went into explaining the importance of posture and shoulder positioning. We left the experience with actionable tips to apply in our future meditative practice. He did an excellent job of demonstrating everything and had slides to help support understanding when he was going over the background information and theory.

Dewitt, Colorado
Very amazing experience. My partner and I booked this session for our 2 year anniversary. We thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Céline, Arcueil
I had a wonderful experience ! Thank you so much for everything. I highly recommend.

Claire, Illinois
Had a lovely time! Learned a lot about something I knew nothing about!

Gary, California
Great meditation and yoga tutorial from a Kyudo master. I learned a lot!

Matias, New york
This was a fantastic experience. Jun really reaches you how to go zazen :) His explanation and exercises helps a lot. We were very happy to learn from Jun and we totally recommend this experience to others. Thank you!

Steven, New york
This was an outstanding class with a very devoted and knowledgeable instructor. I am glad I took the time to take this class, and I feel much more experienced in this field than I thought was previously possible.

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