Online Japanese Healing Songs by Romantic Guitar Solo

合計時間 : 45 minutes

What To Expect

I’m a classic guitarist, specializing in improvised playing. I majored in classic guitar in a New York college, and while I was there, I got fascinated by creative music therapy which utilized sounds in a spontaneous, impromptu way to treat the elderly and autistic kids. It gave me an epiphany that human intuition to “identify” something —I call this “minashi”— is essential to improvisation. Since then, I’ve been on a journey to find “minashi” inside myself and perceive own physical existence. India, Turkey, Cambodia or Japanese remote islands; wherever I went, I brought my 19th century guitar with me to “connect” with locals through improvised guitar performances. Today, to discover what it means to “truly connect” with people, I continue my journey and provide places for people to take part together in spontaneous musical sessions

During this 45 minute online classic guitar session,
I invite you to take part in an age-old Japanese Shinto custom called “Naorai”.

Naorai is a banquet held after Shinto festivals and ceremonies, and originally had the purpose of breaking the fast to going back to normal day-to-day life by eating and drinking together.

I believe we can virtually recreate the spirit of Naorai by substituting music for food and sharing our own sounds.
After introducing ourselves to each other, you can indulge yourself in the sounds of the 19th-century guitar as I play widely-known guitar masterpieces, as well as a Japanese nursery rhyme.

At the end of the session, I’ll wear a Noh mask and improvise a song, which you are welcome to join me and jam out together.
It doesn’t even have to be a musical instrument, play whatever and however you feel like playing; If the action of grinding coffee beans makes you focus, that’s the instrument for you.

So, let's sharing live music together!

This experience will be held live online.

Additional Info

・Please download Zoom ( to your laptop or smartphone
・Check if you have a solid internet connection,listen with headphones or a good sound system
・please join us on time! . we’ll closes after 5 minutes. Refunds are not guaranteed


Mayu, Tokyo
His music was calm and gentle. Great to start a day with. Thanks Kai-san for a wonderful morning. Recommended to prepare a cup of coffee before your experience:)

Samuel, Munich
This was a great experience and a perfect start into the weekend. The music was magical and it was awesome to meet Kai. Thank you!

Mary, Washington
This was a great way to start my day. With inquiry. With connectedness. With music. Highly recommended.

Sarah, London
This was a beautiful soulful experience, and felt very soothing and uplifting for what we're experiencing in the global pandemic. Kai is a master communicator through his music and presence, and creates a special field which feels as if it expands into the universe. Big thanks.”

Hamreen, canada
This was such a magical and calming experience- with Kai, I was transported to another place where I felt at total peace and his presentation style allowed me to feel so relaxed and truly take in the power and beauty of the music that he serenaded me with. Fantastic experience- I would highly recommend especially during these turbulent times!

Laura, Virginia
I’ve done a dozen or so online experiences, and this might be my favorite. Kai’s music is really extraordinary. He plays the classical guitar beautifully, and the pieces he picked were so lyrical and peaceful. He was very warm and really invested in the music and the experience. I’m recommending this experience to friends, and hope to repeat it myself.

Mario, Victoria
Kai's experience is so unique! I have organised this experience for my GF birthday. Such a beautiful present and activity to do in lockdown. We felt so connected to his music and talent. I highly recommend this experience, his songs and interpretations are beautiful. Thank you KAI for this beautiful gift.

Sara, Indiana
Kai did an amazing job with the performance! It was a good opportunity to rest, reflect and meditate. My husband and I felt a sense of calm that we had not felt in awhile. It was also nice that he catered to us and tried to know more about us!

Ben, North Carolina
If you want to hear soothing and melodic romantic-era classical guitar, this is a great event to attend.

Marilyn, Wisconsin
Kai is a very talented performer who creates a magical experience. This was simply wonderful!

Yoko, Niigata city
Kai is very gentle and friendly. We were talking a lot during the show. Because The guitar is suitable for small group. On line live concert is better than at Big hall.

Arjav, California
Kai's music is incredibly relaxing and beautiful. Excellent way to escape stress while staying within the confines of your home.

Mary, Janeiro
Great and inspiring experience. Kai is really kind and talented.

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