Hiking in Tokyo & Onsen & Japanese Food

合計時間 : 7 hours

What to expect

Mt. Takao is about 600 meters high and it will take approx. 4 hours to climb up and down. The mountain has been awarded the highest rank of three stars in the Michelin Travel Guide Book, and is a very popular destination for mountain-loving Tokyoites as well as international visitors.

Pink cherry blossoms in spring,
Verdant green in summer,
Red foliage in fall, and
White snow in winter.

Enjoy the unique color and charm each season has to offer. There are many tourist attractions and stunning photo spots including ancient temples and shrines. On a fine day, you might be able to see Mt. Fuji, and even if it’s cloudy, you’ll be treated to mystical views the fog creates.

Tired of the concrete jungle in Tokyo? Then join this trail walk on Mt. Takao, only an hour’s train ride from Shinjuku!

After fully enjoying the lush nature, various tourist attractions, and spectacular views from the top of the mountain, refresh your body in an Onsen hot spring and savor tasty Japanese food at the foot of the mountain to end your experience on an even higher note!

Additional info

・Participants must be capable of walking in the mountain for about 4 hours.
・Please dress accordingly to the weather as it gets hot and humid in summer (about 35°C/95°F) and cold in winter (about 5°C/40°F) in Tokyo.
・Please bring sufficient equipment, including shoes and clothes appropriate for the activity, a change of clothes, and towels. Water and snacks are available at the starting point.
・If you have a tattoo on your body, unfortunately you are not permitted to take a bath at the hot spring due to the facility's policy.
・In the hot spring, male and female are separated, and we are not allow to put on anything(we have to be naked completely)
・We run rain or shine (rain wear is prepared)
・All children under 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
・Please make sure to always communicate through wasabijp. In order to protect your payment, never transfer money or communicate outside of the wasabijp website.
・If you feel unwell or are under the influence of alcohol at the time of arrival, you will not be able to join our experience.
・Please make sure to arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may not be able to join us,


Tami, Honolulu
Our guide Yasuko was amazing. She is kind and knowledgeable in every way. Thank you for this awesome experience.

Kaori, Los Angeles
Great escape from the busy city with one of our favorite onsens to finish a gorgeous hike.

Vitor, Los Angeles
amazing host and great location to hike.

Marianne, Norway
Michiko was a great guide, very friendly and helpful and with great knowledge about this entire region of Takaosan! Perfect hiking tour whether you are used to be in the mountains or not. Not very difficult, but also far enough to feel you really did a good walk - if you are in good shape. Beautiful shrines and temples on the way. The visit at the onsen in the the end was magic. Perfect ending of the hike. Beautiful view of Fuji mountain on the top - we were lucky this somewhat misty day!

Noelie, Westfield
Michiko was such a fantasic host, I can't recommend her tour enough! She was so knowledgeable and had so much interesting information to share, was super friendly and thoughtful Not to mention the views from the top of Takao-san were stunning!

Matilde, CA
This tour was one of the best ways to get away from Tokyo “noise”. Michiko-san was one of the most attentive tour guides I have ever had and I enjoyed learning and getting to know more about Takao-san and Japanese culture. This hike was a good challenge, but seeing nature and shrines along the trail is worth the effort. We spent the entire day hiking and then a relaxing time at an onsen and restaurant. I highly recommend this day tour for a tourist or curious resident!!

Prapi, JP
Many thanks for making it happen only for one person. So refreshing with Onsen after hiking.

This hiking experience was more than we could have asked for! For us, it checked multiple boxes - hiking a beautiful mountain in Japan, seeing Fuji, visiting multiple shrines, eating food while sitting on cushions in a traditional Japanese dining setting, and bathing in an onsen. I can't think of any other experiences available that wrap all of these things beautifully into one. It was a luxury to have Jun-san share some of the history and background on these shrines and the mountain, as he is extremely knowledgeable about these topics. I also don't think I would have attempted an authentic Japanese onsen on my own without some guidance beforehand. If you are looking for the perfect chance to have an onsen, I strongly recommend this experience. Jun-san is friendly, very approachable, and accommodates the needs of the group that he has with him. He presented many opportunities for us to take photos. We had a wonderful time with him!

★★★★★ Raymond
Hiking in Tokyo was really nice. It was even more relax and enjoyable when you take a hot springs and eat soba noodle after hiking. Jun is a very nice guide and he told us a lot stories about Japanese culture. The Temple and Shrines, the Japan nature, the Onsen, the food, the Japanese table manner, the 5yan coin, all of them has interesting and attractive story behind. Jun is really a good story teller. During the tour, I understand Japanese culture and I love Japan and its culture even more. Thank you very much, Jun. arigatogozaimashita. I enjoy the tour very much and definitely will recommend to my friends.

★★★★★ Brooke
Our day with Jun was one of the highlights of our time in Japan. From the moment we arrived in the mountains outside Tokyo, Jun made us feel welcome and shared so much about hiking, Shintoism and Buddhism, and Japanese culture. We felt like we got a tiny slice of what life would be like to live in Tokyo on a free afternoon and had a much richer experience than we could have had either on our own or through a formal tour. The gondola ride and the onsen were also a treat. A+++ recommend!

★★★★★ Andrew
The experience with Jun was beyond my expectations. From the beginning to the end Jun made the experience interesting and delightful. I learned so much Japanese cultural and historical information. The history of the mountain, shrines and temples, onsen and cuisine. Jun explained information in a very interesting and thoughtful manner. If this was your first experience after arriving in Japan it would be very helpful for the remainder of your trip. Additionally, we had a nice group of people that added to the experience for me. It was over too soon.

★★★★★ Megan
This is an absolutely awesome experience! Jun is a super host. His knowledge about the mountain and temples was in depth and heartfelt. He even surprised us with traditional Japanese sweets and tea after the hike. Although, Jun is a very health conscious, kind and lovely human being who made this hike with the traditional onsen and food an extraordinary memory for us in Japan. He was also very kind to let me borrow one of his hiking sticks. I have asthma and very bad knees, so this was a huge help. I would recommend doing this experience first, before seeing any temples to get a deep understanding of the why behind the magnificent structures and their gods. There was a special moment for me when we reached the Buddhist temple. I felt a very calm, peaceful feeling come over me while standing in front of the prayer incense. Get ready to sweat and feel your heart pump! Mt. Takao was no joke for me. It might be easier for someone who is more physically active. My advice, bring water, snacks and very good hiking shoes. After the hike, the onsen was a welcome and incredible experience! Afterwards, the restaurant inside of the onsen had every kind of delicious food you can imagine. We made friends, got some great exercise, ate delicious traditional foods, learned a lot of history and walked away with unforgettable memories. Thank you so much Jun-san. I give this experience a 10 out of 10!

★★★★★ Victoria P
Jun was phenomenal! He was extremely accommodating, organized, and informative, and covered any concerns before the trip even began. The trip included 3 main parts: the hike, the temple visits, and the onsen. Jun made sure to keep the hike at a reasonable pace for everyone. During the hike, he planned several breaks to catch our breaths and to give us interesting factoids about Japan’s nature, even going so far as showing us specific pictures or videos to supplement the fun tidbits (such as showing us pictures of wasabi roots). The second part of the hike included visiting temples and shrines. He shared information that would have otherwise been unavailable, so I’m very grateful for his knowledge. He showed us how to participate in traditions, explained detailed history, and even provided traditional snacks at the end of the hike! Lastly, the onsen was beautiful and a perfect way to end a long hike. He provided detailed instructions so no one was worried about proper etiquette. The experience was worthwhile, and the meal afterwards was a great bonding experience for the whole group. He taught us common Japanese words to use during our trip, and gave us wonderful recommendations for food. Overall, Jun was friendly, informative, and thoughtful. He took pictures for us at key spots, shared great personal stories, and accommodated us to the point of extending the tour for an extra 30 minutes, just for us to finish our meal in comfort <3 Thanks for the tour Jun!!!

★★★★★ Fieran
This has definitely been an “experience”. As a host, Jun-san was fantastic! His attention to detail is on point and he made sure we were able to reach the station with zero issues and ensured that we are good to go prior to starting the climb. Of the experience itself, I specifically love how he explained the origin, meaning, and significance behind even the most mundane things (such as the bells in the temple, the clapping of hands, the placement of chopsticks on the table, the temple guardians, “ itadakimasu”, what eating long noodles signifies, and so many more!) This experience is definitely a MUST for those who are seeking to know more about Japanese history, tradition, and culture, and for nature lovers who would like to appreciate the beauty of Tokyo’s nature. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu, Jun- san; for sharing your time and knowledge with us. I will check out Wasabi project and will definitely pass it on! side note: Do not hesitate to talk to the other people in your group as well. I was really fortunate to be able to listen to the interesting travels and perspective of a couple of globe trotting physicians and a very intelligent engineer. Really wish the trip was longer just because they (like Jun-san) had very interesting stories as well.

★★★★★ Varun
This was an excellent Airbnb experience. Rain or shine, you should go. It just so happens that we went on a rainy day, so we didn't have the full view of the Tokyo city skyline that you might get if you went on a clearer day. That being said, we still got LOTS of value from this experience because (1) Jun-san shared his wealth of knowledge Mt. Takao and its thousand-year-old shrines and temples (2) Jun-san showed us the how-tos of a Japanese onsen (which are important for newbies like me) (3) Jun-san took care to explain Japanese dining customs throughout the experience (4) it was good exercise.

★★★★★ Javi
Una travesía brutaaaal! Como ambos tenemos tattoos y no podíamos ir a un osen normal, a cambiado la ruta solo por nosotros sin cobrarnos ningún extra . Es un amante de su cultura y se nota , nos a explicado todo con mucho detalle y a respuesta a tooooodas las preguntas . Aparte la travesía en si a sido preciosa ... realmente un gusto conocerlo y pasarse todo e día con el . Un lujo . Cuando volvamos a Japón , intentaremos repetir . Os lo recomiendo totalmente , i si podéis hacerlo al principio de viaje, porque todo lo que nos a explicado nos hubiera facilitado algunas cosas . Así que arigato jun-san

★★★★★ Blessie
This tour was beyond my expectation. Jun was warm and accommodating. He was patient with all my questions and now I have a better idea of the Japanese way of thinking. I happen to be the only person who book this day, so yay for me. I got a private tour! Before the hike, I was feeling under the weather but after all the nice view, sweating and a mini snack, I am back to my old self. The prayers in the temple and shrine plus the history behind every symbols and statues was another highlight of the experience. The onsen bath and food after were perfect after hours of hiking! Jun even gave me a small gift which is very thoughtful! Highly recommended experience, don’t eve n think twice in booking this! Arigato Gozaimasu Jun!

★★★★★ Tracey
This review was written by my 10 year old daughter. Jun is a very nice man. He has great sportsmanship. Jun carried my backpack when I was tired on the climb up Mt. Takao. He slowed down the walking pace for my little legs. Jun recommended various snacks such as a rice ball and mochi dessert which I enjoyed. He is a good teacher on historical elements of temples along the hike. He taught me about Shinto and Buddhism religions which I found interesting. At the Onsen, Jun reviewed the simple rules to follow. I relaxed in the waters of the Onsen. After we enjoyed lunch and Jun taught us Japanese table manners and customs. I had an excellent day!!! Thank you Jun for a wonderful day spent outside the hustle and bustle of Tokyo city.

★★★★★ Kristen
This is an amazing experience! From the gorgeous hike, to understanding the intention and symbolism at the shrines and temples, to the fantastic onsen experience -- and then an introduction to Japanese food culture -- this was one of my favorite experiences. I learned so much about Japanese culture, it made the rest of my trip even better. After the hike, which will make you break a sweat, the visits to the shrines and temples were eye-opening. And, after all that -- the visit to the onsen was refreshing and a chance to participate in a portion of Japanese culture I would not have done on my own. Jun is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and thoughtful host. This mini-adventure was well worth the time -- and I left having enjoyed an experience that was unique and special.

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